Democratizing Application Testing

We make application testing faster and more meaningful by enabling citizen testers.


Businesses are witnessing a continuous increase in the number of applications that they deploy. The business cases are also becoming very dynamic and each application needs rigorous testing from the functional as well as the technical aspects. At the same time, the window available for testing is shrinking. Business demand for faster rollout and comprehensive testing requirements usually work as opposite forces and many times testing gets compromised. 

To address this issue, we see a new paradigm of Citizen testing on the rise. However, these citizen testers are extremely expensive resources and have other more important tasks to accomplish. The solution is automating your testing processes and making them simpler so that citizen testing becomes easy, error-free and quick. 

We can now help you to get your application testing done at a fraction of the time and at a significantly reduced cost through our solutions for low code, UI based, automated testing platform.


Connectivity Enhanced

Only a handful of select companies have the all-round expertise required to set up the interbank payment system and SK Internationalis proud to be one of these across the last two decades.

Citizen Testing
Low Code
Upto 400% faster

With a combination of HCI, HPC, virtualization and software-defined everything, SK International’s solutions for data centres address datacenter needs for small, medium and large enterprises.

We have added significant value to IT datacentre operations like banks, telecom services and healthcare service providers.


Treasury departments of banks now focus on transactions rather

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Multiple MNC banks achieved their compliance obligations at 50%

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