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Providing consistent on-site and remote data access  
with best in class backup & availability solutions


Keeping data accessible to authorized users at all times for business purposes is a key requirement for remote technology solutions today. Cloud-based solutions and fast networks creates robust infrastructure capable of running multiple processes at speed and therefore needs rapid access to datacenters. In the case of real-time processing, this becomes even more critical as even a short interruption in data access causes cascading disruptions in transactions and processing. This makes backup, archival, remote replication, near-site and far-site DR and BCP solutions critical  operations especially in areas such as financial transactions, education, and e-commerce among others.


Safety, Security, Access

Our data access solutions ensure that authorized access to the right data is always available through

Tiered Data Strategy for Access and Control
Periodic Archival, Seamless Backup and Easy Retrieval
Data Lifecycle Management to Remove Redundancy

With a combination of HCI, HPC, virtualization and software-defined everything, SK International’s solutions for data centres address datacenter needs for small, medium and large enterprises.

We have added significant value to IT datacentre operations like banks, telecom services and healthcare service providers.


Leading foreign bank could deploy a DR and BCP solution in record

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Telecom Company

A telecom company increased application response time by 30%

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A multinational insurance company saved millions annually through a

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We provide best-in-class solutions created through our partnerships with technology giants

With our expertise in server consolidation, tiered storage architecture, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, High Performance Computing, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions

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“We align our success with the success of our customers which is why our offering transcends our software. ”

Kunal Sharma

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