Treasury departments of banks now focus on transactions rather than worrying about the technical infrastructure side

Reserve Bank of India has deployed a payment settlement solution for settling high-value interbank transactions. This interbank payment settlement gateway, popularly called the RTGS gateway, is mandatory for all banks to transact with each other. Each payment settlement gateway comprises a server cluster with shared storage, Microsoft Windows Cluster, Oracle Database, Oracle RAC, IBM MQ Web Sphere, and the suite of applications from multiple software vendors (Logica, TCS and IDRBT). This infrastructure also needs to have a disaster recovery and business continuity mechanism.

The applications are quite complex and require frequent patching. Each patch needs to be tested in a test environment for its effects on other components of the solution and then deployed in the production environment. Apart from that, there are a lot of regular application related support issues related to any of the payment gateway components. The users who transact in high-value trades need the system up and running at all costs during RBI working hours. The implication of downtime can result in losses of crores.

SK International offers a comprehensive payment gateway management service with committed SLAs to multiple banks in the country. The success of our seamless delivery is proven by the fact that these contracts with each of our customers have been continuing for more than 5 years.

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