Multiple MNC banks achieved their compliance obligations at a 50% lower cost

As per RBI compliance guidelines, banks have to set up a payment gateway and also keep it in sync with the RBI’s main settlement mechanism. This involves a lot of work in terms of patching and updating the various components of the gateway infrastructure. Also, regular DR and BCP drills have to be conducted for the different applications involved. And finally, a report of all these activities has to be sent to the RBI. All of it needs a significant amount of time and effort.

Our team of payment gateway specialists provides this entire set of services to our customers on an ongoing basis. Banks are now completely relieved of these complicated technical tasks of patches, upgrades and drills. They can use their IT team’s time more productively.

Benefits achieved -

  • Access to experts, No learning curve involved
  • Lower cost and reduced headcount hassles
  • Productivity boost for the IT teams

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