Server consolidation in a data center helped a mid-sized healthcare company increase their application servers uptime to 99.99%

A mid-sized healthcare organization had multiple branch offices and their application servers were located across these locations. Their security policies were not standardized and there was no centralized management of these servers. Maintaining the hardware was quite difficult and there were cases of oversizing or under-sizing happening all the time.

SK Team designed a cost-effective server consolidation solution through a two-pronged approach. We virtualized all the servers and consolidated the multiple hardware units into fewer servers. We helped collocate these servers at a data center for easy access, always on infrastructure, centralized administrative dashboard and standardized security policies.

The result was that the customer was able to clearly establish a 99.99% uptime for all the application servers. The hardware resource utilization was optimized. Management costs went down by 20%. New application rollouts became at least 50% faster and easier.

This solution has been replicated across multiple IT/ITES and healthcare organizations.

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