A top pest control company got real-time visibility in their sales and service processes and makes its operations agile

A top pest control company was manually capturing the leads from various sources. They maintained the sales & service queries as well as responses in the form of excel sheets and documents in their legacy software.

They consulted the SK team for a solution. Our experts designed a solution using Salesforce web-based CRM to manage their sales and service. Using API based data exchange, we integrated the same with their various applications such as ERP and other third-party applications. This provided them with a 360 degree view of customers across sales and service.

The sales and service team is now able to timely respond to B2B and B2C customers by providing quick information about quotes, invoices, contracts and service related information. This has not only delighted their customers, but has also helped to streamline their internal operations and make them more responsive and adaptive to their customer’s needs.

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