A premier real estate company accelerated its sales cycle by about 30%

A leading real estate development company had a problem of “multiple versions of the truth” due to data residing in separate silos of CRM, ERP, spreadsheets &  DMS. They needed to have an integrated approach to reduce data duplication, data consistency and effort wastage.

We provided a middleware based solution for integrating Salesforce CRM, SAP ERP and SharePoint DMS. We wrote the ETL logic and set up the events and triggers for data flowing in and out of all the 3 applications and created automated document-based workflows.

The end result was that the company was able to

  • Have a unified view of the data
  • Reduce efforts wasted due to data duplication and reconciliation
  • Increase the efficiency of their customer-facing functions
  • Increased customer delight 

All of this ultimately helped them to clear their inventory 30% faster

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