A pharmaceutical company modernized its data center technology and saved big on operating costs

A midsize pharmaceutical and life sciences company needed to modernize its data center. They had major problems with their data backups, identity control and frequent downtimes. The existing technology was older and needed a lot of maintenance as well as careful monitoring. New application rollout was hence a tough challenge.

Our team at SK came up with a complete modernization blueprint. We migrated the legacy systems to a Hyper Converged Infrastructure bringing down the footprint of the data centre significantly. We enabled VDI for secure remote access with a foolproof identity management solution. The new data center had a provision for growth to at least 100% both in terms of the capacity of data handling and application delivery. We also added high availability and disaster recovery solutions in place.

The new data centre now looks 40% of its original size. It provides a single screen for management of the entire infrastructure including compute, storage and connectivity. The management time and effort has gone down by 80%. The total power consumption went down by 50%.

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