A large logistics company improved customer onboarding efficiency by automating information validation

A large logistics company had a custom ERP that it used to generate invoices at the time of booking shipments for its smaller customers and on a periodic basis for its larger customers. The company had to ensure that it raised the invoices timely & accurately with the correct GST details of the party that needed to be invoiced.

The logistics company consulted SK experts for a solution. We helped them to achieve this using an API based service. 

The logistics company simply provides the GSTIN number that it would like to utilize in the invoice & it receives the appropriate response within seconds of placing the request. With the response, the company is able to confirm not only the accuracy of the GST number but also if the company is still actively registered & its address.

This integration helped them expedite the time to onboard customer and deliver the invoice at the appropriate time resulting in a more pleasant experience both for the customer & for the company. Besides, timely presentation of invoices helped in a better cash flow!

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